About Us

HortiFina Ltd is a For Profit Social Enterprise that uses DIETS (Disruptive, Innovative, Empowering, Transformative and Sustainable) approaches to positively impact the lives of smallholder farmers particularly women and youth.

This is through constituting farmer clusters/groups which comprise mostly of women and youth, who are trained, linked with financial service providers for procurement of inputs and later provided access to both local and export markets.

We support smallholder farmers meet their consulting, research and training needs, while employing diverse expertise and experience to offer sustainable solutions. To do this, we work with like-minded partners, who support by funding different projects. These include structured partnerships and collaborative programs, with local & international institutions and donors.

The majority of the small holder horticultural producers are women who form a key part of the population living in rural settings.

Our Vision

Communities where smallholder women and youth farmers are empowered to create and sustain wealth through information, technology and market access.

Our Mision

Enhance smallholder farmers’ particularly women and youth access to trade opportunities.

Core Values

• Professionalism • Integrity • Mutual Respect